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Fun Commands

tf - Answers a question within True/false
playstore - Provides information about app which you ask from google playstore
fast - Gives a random word which have to be typed by someone within 10 seconds
slap - Slap a user
motivation - Motivational Quote
pokemon - information about a pokemon
meme - Random meme
insult - Random Insult
lenny - (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
joke - A funny Dad Joke
cnjoke - Random cn joke
chuckjoke - Random Chuck joke
howgayme - Tells how much of a gay you are
embarrass - Let's keep it a suprise ;)
howgay - Gay-o-meter
news - Top 2 latest news
fortune - Random Fortune Cookie
say - Says whatever you say
coinflip - As it name says

Image Manipulation

jail - Go into jail
bobross - Bobross will paint you
beautiful - Beautiful
facepalm - You messed up
hitler - Oh no
deepfry - Deepfry yourself or someone smh
trash - Put yourself in trash
quote - Fake quote something
triggered - Get yourself or your friend triggered
changemymind - Change your mind
Delete - Tired to write it
phub - You know right
rip - Rest in peace
wanted - Police incoming
wasted - wasted tan

Moderation Commands

ban bans a user
unban unabans a user
lock locks a channel
unlock unlocks a channel
mute Mutes a user 
serverstats Display stats about the server
channelinfo Provides info about channel this command is run in
whois Gives information about mentioned user

Economy Commands

balance - Your Balance
work - Work to earn
daily - Get money daily
slots - Gamble
transfer - Give someone money
dice - Kind of gamble?
flip - Flip a coin and gamble some money

Music Commands

play - Plays a song by name or link
vaporwave - Vaporwave effect on the song playing
stop - Stops the song playing
skip - Skips current song
queue - Tells queue playing currently
nightcore - Nightcore effect on the song
loop - Enables loop
echo - Echo effect
bassboost - Bass Boosted

Random Pics

horse - Random horse pic
cat - Random cat pic
dog - Random dog pic
bird - Random bird pic
duck - Random duck pic
vase - Random vase pic
food - Random food pic

Covid and Weather Commands

covidall - Overall Covid-19 stats
covidadv - Advanced Covid-19 stats
covid(country) - Covid-19 Stats about specific country
weather(city name) - Weather stats about specififc city

Text filters

ascii - Tells a text in ascii format
wobble - Try it yourself
clap - Try it yourself

Other Commands

setpre - changes prefix for specific server
removedata - Remove stored data for specific server
servers - number of servers bot is in
ping - Tells the bot latency 
patreon - Support by becoming a patreon
discord - Provides link to support server

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